Generations of Commitment to our herd.

L Bar Ranch is owned and operated by Jeff Wiersma. The ranch is nestled in the lower Yakima Valley of Eastern Washington.

This thriving cow-calf operation started as a humble herd of fifty in the 90’s. We are full-time ranchers who have dedicated our lives to the industry making it possible for L Bar Ranch to home one of the most elite and high-quality herds in the Pacific Northwest. Our love for cows is demonstrated by exceptional day to day care of each-and-every hoof on the ranch as they roam the thousands of acres available to them.

As a cow-calf operation we have the unique ability to oversee our cattle throughout their entire life cycle, from birth to harvest.

The goal at L Bar Beef is to sustainably produce high quality, hormone free beef all while maintaining our motto: “Cows come first.”

Premium Angus Beef